5 Jewellery Pieces That Every Bride Needs To Have

5 Jewellery Pieces That Every Bride Needs To Have

Weddings – One of the most significant events of a woman. They celebrate love, compassion, elegance, and relationships on this occasion of their lives. To make your wedding day unforgettable, you must consider every aspect of what you are doing, starting with your theme. The stunning bride is always the star of the show at any wedding. As she makes her way down the aisle, everyone’s attention is focused on her and her timeless beauty.

To prepare for your wedding, there are certain jewel pieces that you must invest in. No matter whether you want to buy a bridal set online or look for separate pieces, there is so much available on The Mann Chaha for our dearest ladies.

Rani Haar

Rani haar is a type of lengthy necklace that can be single- or double-stranded, depending on your style.  Because of its great length, this style lends a royal air to the bridal clothing as a whole. Famous designers like Sabyasachi used to dress their models in this style years ago, and it’s remained popular ever since. It is often paired with another necklace to make it appear more refined. When paired with a choker-style neckpiece, Rani Haar looks its finest.


Adding this piece of traditional bridal jewellery to your ensemble will provide a special touch of elegance. To give yourself a total makeover, accessorize with this stunning nose ring. Although not everyone feels comfortable wearing one, if you want to add a touch of glitz to your bridal appearance, consider adding one. No need to have your nose pierced since Naths that may be pressed on either side of the nostril is fairly common and equally lovely.

Bridal Set

Rather than investing in separate pieces, it is also a great idea to buy a bridal set online. Whenever exploring the internet, make sure that you pick the best one as per your outfit. You need to keep certain points in your mind before purchasing a bridal set.

  • Match it with your outfit
  • Choose as per your blouse neckline
  • Balance it with the detailings of your bridal trousseau
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Bridal Bracelets

The bridal bracelets are a universally recognised emblem of ethnicity, and both brides and regular girls wear them. They are sometimes called bangles and are typically made of precious metals such as gold and silver. This not only gives the overall outfit a traditional feel, but it also makes the bride look very stunning.


Wedding waistbands are among the most exquisite items of wedding jewellery available. They can be layered or thin, studded or beaded, and come in various lengths and styles to suit your taste. They encircle the waist and draw attention to both your clothes and your waistline. An enticing Kamar bandh is unlike any other piece of jewellery because it complements sarees and lehengas while enhancing the torso.

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