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How To Choose The Best Artificial Earrings?

Life is too short to wear boring earrings.

Well, whosoever has said that must have once in a lifetime experienced an ‘earring disaster.’ Did you skip a heartbeat on hearing the word ‘disaster’? If yes, do not fret out since we have sorted things out for you.

With the inception of online stores, you can now pick on the best earrings that can be added to your collection. Keep reading out tips, and we bet that they will indeed help you shop artificial earrings online at a very legit price.

Match Your Face

Make sure to assess your face shape and then pick the right earrings. Below is some detail about the same:

  • Round Face

There is the widest point across cheekbones, which narrows towards the forehead and jawline. For women with round faces, long geometric earrings are ideal. Earrings with dangling or teardrop shapes can also help to extend the face.

  • Oval Face

Women with oval faces have foreheads as wide as their cheekbones, which gives them a round appearance. From the cheeks to the chin, the oval face becomes narrower. If you have this type of face, you should be pleased because you can wear practically any earring style.

  • Square Face

Whether it is from the cheekbone to the jawline or from the cheekbone to the forehead, square-shaped faces do not narrow significantly. Earrings with dangling or hoop designs that are elongated are appropriate for those with square faces.

  • Heart-Shaped Face

Faces with a broader forehead and cheekbones that slope even further down to the chin are characteristic of this type of appearance. It is appropriate to wear long earrings with attractive lines and curves in this situation. Their presence would help balance out the face’s form while drawing emphasis on the eyes, cheekbones, and jawline.

Evaluate Your Lifestyle

Where will the earrings be worn? Choose basic gold or silver studs with no dangles or huge hoop earrings for a clean, professional look. Spend your free time displaying your individuality rather than relying on basic studs!

Based On Your Hair Color & Length

When it comes to finding the right artificial earrings online, whether your hair is blonde or golden, gold is the best option. It is preferable for dark-haired women to wear platinum or silver jewellery rather than gold. Rose gold earrings are a must-have accessory for women with red hair.

If you have short hair or wear your hair up, so your earlobes are visible, you can wear any earrings you like. Long, sparkly earrings are the greatest choice for long hair!


Complement Your Style

Do you like romantic and feminine styles? If so, consider rounder and curved earrings.

Pick geometrical earrings with round, rectangular, or trapezoidal shapes for a dramatic or urban stylish look.

Prefer timeless classics? Then simple hoops, pearl earrings in gold or silver, and diamond studs work beautifully.

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