How to take proper necklace care and cleaning

How to take proper necklace care and cleaning?

“Jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique.”

Elizabeth Taylor 

Nothing can compete with beautiful jewelry on a gorgeous woman. An accessory adds another layer of appeal to women. Hence, proper care and attention are needed to protect its shine and beauty. Whether you are buying a necklace set online or an earring from a showroom, proper care and attention are necessary for all situations. Jewelry is made to last a lifetime. Here are some of the vital things to take care of after buying premium jewelry: 

  • Check and Clean your jewelry timely 

Women miss out on checking and cleaning their jewelry after wearing it. This may happen because you wear it all the time or forget about it and put it somewhere. If you do not want to lose its shine and shimmer, take proper care and clean it as timely as possible. Attractive and clean jewelry will give another charm to women.  

  • Do not expose it to harmful Chemicals 

Harmful chemicals can damage and discolor your premium jewelry. You should keep them away from daily use substances like lotions, cosmetics, perfumes as they contain chemicals that will permanently destroy the precious jewelry. These should be put off before diving into a chemical-based swimming pool. So, be careful with your precious gems.  

  • Take a different kit for jewelry 

Are you planning for a trip? jewelry will surely be your predominant thing to pack before anything. Take a toiletry bag to put the precious jewels, which will reduce the risk of breaking and damage. You must buy a special kit to Handel the essentials efficiently. 

  • Protect them from heat and light 

Harmful sun rays can destroy the charm of your jewelry, fade the colored gems. Various premium metals can be affected by harmful rays and heat of the sun like pearls, topaz, shells, and many others. So, take proper precautions before going out by wearing them.  

  • Check your pieces evenly 

Regularly checking your jewelry is crucial if you wear it frequently. Before wearing a necklace or an earring, take a good look at the item, then check whether any piece required cleaning. Taking these things into consideration will keep your essentials secure and clean.   

  • Store your jewelry safely 

We often overlook keeping our jewelry safely. It is pivotal to store all jewelry in a secure location. These consist of a wide variety of premium metals that may get damaged with a little mishap, so be careful. There are many online sites where you can buy jewelry. It never loses its charm if it has been properly cared for and kept safe. Caring for your jewel is a crucial aspect to retain shine and beauty. If we talk about a Necklace set or a premium ring, these contain such expensive and valuable metals that need to be placed with utmost care. It is pivotal to check your jewelry within six months, whether buying it online or from a local store. 


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