Fancy Bangle G Pack Size 2-8


What are some of the things which you should keep in mind while purchasing bangles?

Deciding on bangles can be a daunting process. However, you should avoid worrying too much about it since the Mannchaha site is one of the popular artificial jewellery shopping sites which  understand all the components of the bangles, you can decide easily.

It is one of the most important things to purchase beautiful bangles to celebrate your engagement. You can easily find some at (

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You should be aware of the metals, diamonds, different styles of bangles gemstones to buy the bangles to make the best decision. You can also surf through (

to find some of the most preferable bangless. All the designer’s bangles are available here.

How important is it to choose a metal before buying bangles?

Your choice of metal can completely change the look of your entire bangles. It can give it altogether a different feel. Your same earlier chosen style can look like a unique style of bangles in white or yellow gold. Since people prefer a more modern take on vintage. But here are some of the factors which you can keep in mind while buying your bangles:

 #1. Be aware of 4C’s

If you are actively looking forward to buying bangles then you should know about 4C’s.

  • Cut – It refers to a grading that how properly a diamond is being cut affecting how much it can capture light
  • Color – It measures how much color a diamond possesses.
  • Clarity – It refers to a grading that from internally and externally how flawless a diamond is.
  • Carat – It refers to measubangles the weight of the diamond. How large or small it is.

#2. Shaping and settings of the set style

Two of the most important things which have a greater impact on your peculiar style of bangles are the shape of your center stone and the setting style. By shape, it means the center of your diamond stone shape such as emeralds round, princess and oval etc. The setting would impact your style. Settings can be unique, classic, modern and vintage look inspired.

#3. Order your bangles in advance

Until and unless you are purchasing preset bangles, some time would be demanded by your jeweler to make your bangles according to your preference. Most of the bangles are made only after taking the order which can take some time. So you should be sure that you have given the order of the bangles in advance to avoid any mishaps. It is recommended to order your bangles six weeks before. You can even ask your jeweler regarding the same to avoid any further confusion.


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